Appreciative Inquiry Champions Programme x2 during October

Roger delivered two AICP courses during October, one open course and one for a local authority in North Wales. The open course included some fantastic people from all over the UK including Scotland, Republic of Ireland, England and Wales. This is the second of the annual open courses in response to growing demand over the past 5 years. Participants came from the public, private and third sectors – not only finding out more about AI, but also contributing to the group learning based on a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The second course involved the newly formed Customers, Communications and Marketing team from Denbighshire County Council. Again, a wonderful group of people who wanted to learn more about AI, develop as a team and start to explore how they could use AI to take the service forward. At the end of the 3 days some really exciting ideas were developed – so watch this space! The team also produced one of the most succinct and powerful Provocative Propositions Roger had ever seen – ‘Brave, Creative and committed to Excellence’.

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