Coaching and Mentoring


The most successful and happy people I know are good at making time for reflection and inspiration. They stop regularly to go deeper, to gain perspective, to hold a vision, and to receive direction” – Robert Holden

Management can be like spinning plates; with little opportunity for quality time to reflect. We offer a coaching and mentoring service that will help you to work more effectively and be happier in your job.

We provide 1 to 1 time with someone who is trained in coaching and mentoring and who has extensive experience within the public sector. We have a particular expertise within the care, youth support services, housing and education sectors.

The venue can be your place of work, our offices, or a convenient neutral location;

Meetings are ideally held face to face, but can also be provided via Skype or on the phone;

The focus of discussion is driven by you. It is about reflecting in a solution focused and creative way to the challenges and opportunities that emerge;

This process is very much about your development as a manager. You will learn new ways to look at things and your skills and knowledge will develop;

Meetings are totally confidential in order to allow you to talk freely about all aspects of your work. This is a critical part of the process

This process is not intended to replace any current support systems for managers, such as structured supervision. Rather it enhances these; supporting manager’s personal development and assisting them to reflect on issues and opportunities in new ways.

Managers are often weighed down with problems but I felt you channeled my concerns and guided me to a positive solution. Through the discussion you somehow turned it around and the answer was not the obvious one”. Nursing Home Registered Manager

If you would like to explore this further, please contact us by phone or email. If you then want to go ahead the first one-hour session is free of charge with no obligation to continue.