Stakeholder engagement

0iStock_000029455456Small-CommunityStakeholder engagement is at the heart of everything we do. It underpins all our organisational development work and is central to our Appreciative Inquiry process. We believe that the task of identifying the A to B journey is relatively simple (just take a look at the swathe of plans on your shelves). Its taking people with you and acting on the commitments that is the biggest challenge!

Together with Appreciating People, one of our partner organisations in England, we worked with communities in North West England to agree response strategies to anti-social behaviour. The Government in England provided £10,000 to identified communities and asked us to support community representatives to decide how this should be spent. What we didn’t do was start with the problems, the traditional approach. What we did do was to create conversations about what was working and people’s dreams for the future. This then informed an action plan that was resourced through the grant funding.

Pennaf Housing Association had been organising an annual staff conference for all their employees. These were very successful but the staff working within the Group’s four care homes at Clwyd Alyn said they wanted something that was more relevant to their work.

For the past three years (since they began) we have been organising and delivering at these conferences. The feedback from the staff over the 3 years has been some of the best the organisation has ever received.

The Care Council for Wales wanted to find out what resources and approaches were most effective for care providers across Wales supporting older people with dementia. We carried out a pan-Wales study that resulted in a directory of resources and guidance for the workforce on Person Centred Planning.

This came about by engaging with managers, front line workers, service users and relatives to find out what was most important to them and why. This guidance is also available as a Smartphone app.