and ForMi – a year and more on

Doesn’t time fly when you’re enjoying yourself! Our new Person Centred Planning and Outcomes Recording App has been developed and we are now working with a range of public and third sector clients to make the whole PCP process come ALIVE.

In short our journey has been extremely exciting and fruitful. We have…

  1. Set up a new company – Limited.
  2. Developed our new App (initially called H2t) beyond just a concept into an early prototype.
  3. Been awarded an initial development grant from the North Wales Transformation Programme for Learning Disability to pilot the App in a number of LD projects.
  4. Won a National Welsh Government (SBRI) competition called ‘Better Lives Closer to Home’ – only one of 3 organisations across Wales and England. This brought with it a substantial R&D contract with over £100k of funding.
  5. Piloted the App (now re-branded ForMi) across 10 sites – 9 in Wales and 1 in England. This was through the Covid period which was a major challenge. But 8 of the sites were able to test out the App to some degree. In short we had lots of learning – the whole point of the process.
  6. Came runners-up in a UK wide award for Technical Innovation run by the Association for Business Psychology (ABP). This was in recognition of the App’s potential within the mainstream workforce.
  7. Completed all the pilots (including 4 Local Authorities in Wales) in March 22.
  8. Now working with a range of new clients including a local CAMHS service.


To check out more about ForMi and our wider work click here – exciting times ahead!