Workforce engagement

0towerexerciseThere is significant evidence that staff who feel listened to and valued contribute more to the organisations they work for.

One of the most authoritative reports on this subject is the MacLeod Report – Engaging for Success: Enhancing performance through employee engagement. The Foreword by Peter Mandelson states ‘This timely Report sets out for the first time the evidence that underpins what we all know intuitively, which is that only organisations that truly engage and inspire their employees produce world class levels of innovation, productivity and performance‘. The conclusions of the report are extensive, however, some of the headline observations and finding are as follows:

  • Engaged employees have a sense of personal attachment to their work and organisation; they are motivated and able to give of their best to help it succeed – and from that flows a series of tangible benefits for organisation and individual alike;

  • Engaged employees in the UK take an average of 2.69 sick days per year; the disengaged take 6.19.15 The CBI reports that sickness absence costs the UK economy £13.4bn a year;
  • Seventy per cent of engaged employees indicate they have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs; only 17 per cent of non-engaged employees say the same;
  • Engaged employees are 87 per cent less likely to leave the organisation than the disengaged;
  • Engaged employees advocate their company or organisation – 67 per cent against only three per cent of the disengaged. Seventy-eight per cent would recommend their company’s products of services against 13 per cent of the disengaged (Gallup 2003).

The full report provides much more information and statistical evidence of the benefits of workforce engagement. However, like so many of these concepts, the million dollar question is ‘yes, this makes total sense, but how do we DO it?’

We have worked with many organisations over many years and assisted them to do just this. We use the thinking and methodologies outlined elsewhere in this website to genuinely involve and engage the workforce (and other stakeholders) in addressing issues of quality and improvement.

These approaches go beyond tokenistic consultation (if the will and trust is there from the organisation) and truly engage people in order that they feel valued and motivated to make a difference in their work… and apart from a salary this is the biggest payback any of us can receive.

What our clients say:
  • Feedback from delegates was the most positive ever received from staff about a staff conference! Very positive feedback also from staff regarding the specific workshop that Roger delivered. Absolutely delighted with the design, coordination and input for the conference as a whole!
    Gill Murgatroyd, Director of Human Resources, Pennaf Housing Association

  • The outcome has exceeded my expectation, in terms of data and information, and certainly provided me with the foundation and context for taking the service forward.
    Service Manager, Local Authority

  • Very pleased, with the service provided, it was delivered on time, to budget and met all senior manager's expectations.
    David Alcock, Scope