Person centred planning


Prospects for Young People and Roger Rowett winning 2013 National Care Accolade for Excellent Outcomes for Young People based on Person Centred Planning Training (click here for more)

Question – how do you engage with people in a meaningful way in order to empower and motivate them to grow and achieve?

Answer – you discover the whole person. Where they have come from, where they are now, and where they want to go. You value them and listen to what they have to say. You focus on their assets – what they can do and what they have to offer. You use this information to adapt and change the way you do things to support them and for them to support themselves.

We have worked with organisations within the care and education sectors to develop person centred approaches. The result has been the increased engagement and motivation of all involved. In some settings these results have been significant.

It is critical for us to develop processes that are sustainable – i.e. they continue after we leave! We assist organisations to develop new ways of working that drive forward and maintain any changes we introduce. Much of this is underpinned by an Appreciative Inquiry approach.

Our work with Prospects was unique due the use of Appreciative Inquiry approaches and the development of PCP Champions within the organisation. This programme is now offered out for managers as part of a 2 days course, this includes practical application in the workplace. Contact us for more details.

We have also worked with organisation to develop person centred approaches to risk assessment and safeguarding. Developing systems that start with the person rather than with processes and activities.

  • Person centred thinking and working is simple to talk about but hard to do. It centres on valuing the person, providing good information, active listening, and putting words into action. One of the greatest challenges for those involved in person centred working is ensuring it is sustainable in the longer term.
    Roger Rowett