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Co-production has been defined by the New Economics Foundation as a means of ‘delivering public services in an equal and reciprocal relationship between professionals, people using services, their families and their neighbours‘. This is underpinned in legislation in Wales, England and Scotland including the ‘Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014’ and the ‘Care Act 2014’. Guidance in England states that ‘Local authorities should, where possible, actively promote participation in providing interventions that are co-produced with individuals, families, friends, carers and the community. ”Co-production” is when an individual influences the support and services received, or when groups of people get together to influence the way that services are designed, commissioned and delivered’.

Appreciative Inquiry and the 5D model provide a means to deliver on Co-production. The principles of AI underpin why it works and the 5 Model provides a tried and tested methodology for delivery. This ensures inclusive dialogue is followed by sustainable delivery.

When we conduct an AI exercise participants are totally involved at all stages in order to deliver on the agreed actions. This is regardless of whether we are working with individuals, groups or organisations.

Our publication by Academi Wales outlines the principles and practice. It also provides a number of case studies from throughout Wales. These demonstrate how the AI approach can be used in a wide range of scenarios where inclusive change or development is required.

Much of our work is within social and health care, but this has also extended to other services and community groups.

If there is a desire for a real ‘bottom up’ and fresh approach to development, improvement or culture change, Co-production principles are the best way to deliver on this.

True involvement results in buy-in… results in ownership… results in sustainable actions. Put simply… it has impact.


  • In a world of improvement so full of ‘chaff’, it’s nice to find a bit of ‘wheat’ – this course has been both inspiring and practical. The facilitator has a very pleasant and relaxed style that makes the learning process very engaging, interest has been maintained from beginning to end
    Research & Practice Development Officer, Swansea University

  • An interesting, positive and exciting two days of training. This will help with our process of transformation as a process to follow. A welcoming group of ‘like-minded’ colleagues with whom I felt comfortable to share experience
    Transformation Manager, Swansea County Council

  • AI provided a structure for progressing change. The focus on the positive throughout makes you think differently and broadens your horizons to what can be achieved. Having no knowledge of AI, the two days provided a strong foundation / basis that has triggered my interest and stimulated me to want to find out more. A really useful course
    Assistant Director Quality and Safety, Public Health Wales