Team Building Plus


Traditional team building exercises are a bit like Marmite, you love them or hate them. They can also be subject to what we call the ‘holiday romance syndrome’ – ‘we had a great time while we were away but once we get back to reality the impact quickly wears off’!

We do things differently. There is still a strong element of fun and group interaction to our programmes, but our approach also engages people in exploring how their beliefs, experiences and aspirations can impact on behaviours and ultimately the service itself.

We share and explore values. We reflect on individual experiences. We involve people in looking at how the team could look in the future. And we agree actions to bring this about. All this centres around themes that are agreed prior to the event.

We always spend time in the planning phase, ensuring that we tailor the experience to meet client’s individual needs and wishes.

We also communicate with the team prior to the exercise in order to ensure we capture everyone’s wishes and perceived needs. This ensures that the programme engages everyone from the start.

The length of the workshops are typically one or two full days. Team building enhances the performance of existing teams or those that are coming together after restructuring. Here are a few examples of feedback from previous participants…

Plenty of variety of tasks – group work / pairs / listening as part of a group. The variety kept me engaged all day and plenty of change helped me focus.

Very high standard. Relaxed and informal manner. Brought out the best of the group. Varied and interesting. Consistent. Really enjoyed all of the participation. Challenging in a good way. Has created agreed concrete actions between officers.

Such a good way to get to know other team members, within a framework / purpose, but with a creative / playful element. Loved the buy-in by everyone from the start and the supportive ‘can do’ atmosphere.

I feel this has been a really useful insight into my colleagues, as I worked with the whole team and really enjoyed doing so. This is hopefully the start of a great team.

What our clients say:
  • Feedback from delegates was the most positive ever received from staff about a staff conference! Very positive feedback also from staff regarding the specific workshop that Roger delivered. Absolutely delighted with the design, coordination and input for the conference as a whole!
    Gill Murgatroyd, Director of Human Resources, Pennaf Housing Association

  • The outcome has exceeded my expectation, in terms of data and information, and certainly provided me with the foundation and context for taking the service forward.
    Service Manager, Local Authority

  • Very pleased, with the service provided, it was delivered on time, to budget and met all senior manager's expectations.
    David Alcock, Scope