Getting in on the Act – Lessons from the National Learning and Resource Plan

On March 28th, the Care Council for Wales held a one day workshop at the Catrin Finch Centre in Wrexham for people involved in this highly successful National project. The project focused on the National Learning and Resource Plan, an innovative and ground-breaking piece of work that sought to ensure all stakeholders in the sector were fully familiar with this important piece of new legislation (The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014).

The day had been arranged in acknowledgement of the relatively unique approach taken to the introduction of this significant piece of National legislation. This was against a backdrop of limited time, a high focus on cross organisational collaboration and areas of complexity. The aim was to share and explore this learning in order to apply the lessons to future large scale initiatives of this type.

Participants explored those aspects of the project that worked well, and critically, why they worked well. They also looked at people’s visions for the future and the impact that this learning has on other projects. This included ideas for doing more of the same, doing some things differently and doing other things in completely new ways!

Roger Rowett from Taith facilitated the day with representatives from a wide range of organisations across the statutory, voluntary and private sectors.  An Appreciative Inquiry approach provided the structure for the day and a final report was written that was shared with partners.