Roger Ellerton

Roger Ellerton MA, MA (ed), Med

Roger has worked with Taith Ltd for over 10 years and is an experienced Independent Management Consultant who runs his own consultancy business. His focus is in Leadership, Management and Wellbeing and is currently working with Taith Ltd on specific work programmes.

Roger is a member of the Association for Business Psychology and has a 25+ year history of improving organisational management and has helped services, managers and practitioners deliver transformation that leads to improved team culture performance and impact.

Over the last decade or so he has developed expertise in commercialised approaches that have mitigated the impact of funding reductions, increasing demand and conflicting pressures that organisations face at strategic, operational and delivery levels. Roger is skilled in leadership, management, training and workforce development, policy and strategy development, organisational review, research, investigations, assessments, organisational performance management and community / stakeholder engagement.

His transformation expertise includes developing strategy, provision and impact in youth services / youth work, partnerships, community safety, adult and community education, developing corporate safeguarding, volunteering development, workforce development, strategic leisure, community housing, alternative school curriculum, working with vulnerable children and young people (e.g. looked after children), childcare development (as a ‘Responsible Individual’), integrated children centres, family information services, community arts, developing commercial cultures, libraries, Community Wellbeing and various regulation (HMI, IIP, accreditation bodies)

Currently, Roger is developing pro-bono and paid projects in a range of sectors including organisational development, providing bespoke independent assessments in order to contribute to people development and organisational performance.

Roger is married, with 4 adult children and fosters looked after children. He lives in North Wales and spends his free time in outdoor activities.

Mini CV

  • Sport and Activity Motivator
  • Professionally qualified Community and Youth Worker
  • Person Centred Counsellor
  • Community and Youth Centre Manager for Housing Services
  • Child Protection Trainer
  • Youth Work Training Tutor and Assessor
  • Curriculum and Staff Development Centre Manager (Adult Education and Youth Services)
  • Quality Champion (IIP Assessor, EFQM and MQM facilitator)
  • Principal Youth Officer (16 yrs.+)
  • HMI Peer Assessor
  • Lead Officer: Libraries, Arts and Young People
  • Lead Officer: Young People, Safeguarding and Workforce Development
  • Lead Officer: Community Wellbeing (including Strategic Leisure, Childcare Development,)
  • Independent Consultant