Appreciative Inquiry Champions

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The Appreciative Inquiry Champions Programme was launched in 2014 and builds on the AI training we have been delivering over many years.

The programme involves participants in a 20 hour training course, ongoing reflective learning, cross organisational workshops and engagement in an online community. This all leads to a developing community of practice in relation to this highly co-productive strength based approach.

The training is offered in two ways. We have an annual open course that is usually held during October in North Wales; this is available to individuals from different organisations. Alternatively, if you have a number of people who would like to attend (min 8), we can provide the course at a venue local to you.

The process is highly cost effective and promotes the engagement of the workforce and other key stakeholders in a meaningful way. This engagement brings about culture change and joint ownership of any resultant action plans in order to ensure that the process of self reflection leads to tangible results.

The great thing about this programme is that it builds in sustainability and does not rely on the ongoing involvement of external experts or consultants. Change is driven from within.

To see feedback from recent participants on our courses click here.

  • In a world of improvement so full of ‘chaff’, it’s nice to find a bit of ‘wheat’ – this course has been both inspiring and practical. The facilitator has a very pleasant and relaxed style that makes the learning process very engaging, interest has been maintained from beginning to end
    Research & Practice Development Officer, Swansea University

  • An interesting, positive and exciting two days of training. This will help with our process of transformation as a process to follow. A welcoming group of ‘like-minded’ colleagues with whom I felt comfortable to share experience
    Transformation Manager, Swansea County Council

  • AI provided a structure for progressing change. The focus on the positive throughout makes you think differently and broadens your horizons to what can be achieved. Having no knowledge of AI, the two days provided a strong foundation / basis that has triggered my interest and stimulated me to want to find out more. A really useful course
    Assistant Director Quality and Safety, Public Health Wales